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We offer packing services to safely prepare and box your fragile dishes, framed art, your library, or almost anything you have in your house. We bring the tools and materials to take apart beds and other furniture as needed. We can wrap, pack, and label part or all of your home for you and prepare it for a smooth moving day. If you would like us to properly pack and secure your items in a pod or other shipping container for transport we are happy to help.

Local Moving

Are you packed up and ready to go? Want us to come with a truck and do the hard part? For almost any normal household items, we have tried and true processes which we use to prepare, protect, and move it safely and efficiently. Let us know about your needs! If you are moving within the local area, getting items in or out of storage, or have some other moving task please contact us! We will come with the truck, tools, and materials to get your items exactly where they belong.


We can help you make a change or reclaim open space by bringing your furniture or other still usable household items to your curb, your friends place, or your preferred donation location! Its natural to notice unused items while packing for a move. In that case We can easily perform a donation or disposal service for you either before or after your move.

Why Choose Us?

Manley Movers is a small company owned and run by Kevin Manley. Kevin will answer your calls or emails and do a walkthrough assessment of your home with you if need be. Kevin will also lead the moving crew, oversee every part of your move, and shake your hand when the job is finished. Manley Movers crew members are selected for great attitude, communication skills, strength, and attention to detail. We follow tried and true processes to prepare and move your belongings efficiently and safely. However, we are willing to make adjustments as needed to better serve your specific job. Please tell us about your moving needs! Call now or fill out the following form to get started.

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