We like to maintain a high level of transparency at Manley Movers. Our hourly rates help cover the following insurance plans which are required to have by law:

That said, we do everything we can to prevent us from needing to file any claims from the get go by taking great care of you and your belongings. In the event that mistakes are made we do our best to make things right with our customers immediately before settling the bill and without making an insurance claim.

In an effort to come to a resolution as quickly as possible we will start by making an effort to repair the item at no cost to you. In the event that a repair is not possible, we will move to replacing the item at no cost to you. In the event that neither is possible, we will move to reimbursing you for the cost of the item. Reimbursement is based on the items’ current market value not for the rate it was purchased.

Similarly, we would handle damage to your home by focusing on repairs. We have a general liability policy in place that has never been used. We will hire a professional to make any home repairs caused by Manley Movers at no cost to you.

We encourage you to help us prevent the loss of or damage to any irreplaceable items by removing them from the premises or by putting them in a safe before or upon our arrival.

The resolution process is reserved for items we have determined sustained damage due to our own negligence. We will not take liability whatsoever for certain items most generally categorized as “not in shipping condition.” This includes but is not limited to the following items:

  1. Particle board furniture/modular/ build-it-yourself furniture that is meant to be packaged and shipped in a box.
  2. Any furniture that has been moved with items inside of it. Additional weight can damage your furniture or fall out of the furniture. Often, our clients ask that we move furniture in this way to save boxes and make unpacking easier. Most often, we move it without an issue but it is always a safer bet to box everything and move empty furniture.
  3. Antique, fragile, or furniture with existing damage. 
  4. Unboxed lamps or lamp shades including floor lamps.
  5. Glass and marble that has not been put into a crate such as mirrors, pictures and picture frames, shelves, tabletops, etc. Often we wrap these in moving pads at the request of our customers and they are moved without issue. However, though crating is time consuming and expensive, it is the only way to guarantee that these fragile items will be moved without damage. 
  6. If we did not pack the item into a box and see the prior condition for ourselves before we put it into a box, then we will not assume the risk for the damage to those items. If you are interested, we do offer packing services at our basic hourly rate.
  7. Any items that are placed inside of bags, improperly sealed boxes, or open boxes that are not sturdy and do not provide proper protection.
  8. Any items that came in custom fitted containers that are not in their original box such as televisions, printers, vacuums, etc.
  9. Any storage container or vehicle that we load for you such as Penske trucks, Uhaul, PODs, etc. Once the vehicle or shipping/storage container is out of our possession, we no longer assume liability. We encourage you to check your insurance coverage with those companies. If you are interested in purchasing moving pads, straps, etc. then we are happy to provide you with the materials to continue driving and moving your things as you see fit!
  10. Plants or any other potted items.
  11. Any appliances or electronics that are not crated. We do not install appliances or electronics such as washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. You are responsible for providing moving bolts and for reminding movers if you do not wish to install them yourself. Front loading washers are often equipped with a suspension system that is not manufactured to withstand the strain of moving. Shipping bolts are necessary to keep the appliance secure during a move to reduce the impact and vibration on the washing machine’s suspension.